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Accountability for Mass Starvation: Testing The Limits of the Law – The 2019 Round Up

20 December 2019

Global Rights Compliance (GRC) have been engaged on the issue of starvation since 2017 in conjunction with The Netherlands’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Welt Hunger Hilfe, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, and a range of civil society organisations, principally in Yemen, South Sudan and Syria. GRC, in partnership with the World Peace Foundation (WPF), are proud recipients of grant funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the project ‘Accountability for Mass Starvation: Testing The Limits of the Law’.

Overall, GRC are delighted to be able to report substantial measurable impact as we continue to elevate the impact of conflict and hunger and the moral toxicity of man-made starvation. Over the lifetime of the project with the WPF, the profile of starvation has risen on multiple plains. Media coverage of starvation has increased significantly in 2019 and with the project contributing expert insight across 13 key calendar events in 2019. Furthermore, the legal avenues for redress have developed and we have, with others, outlined a roadmap for future prosecutions of the war crime of starvation. With the recent unanimous passing of the amendment of the Rome Statute, the prospects of accountability for starvation are stronger than ever. 2019 has also seen extensive progress at project activity level, we highlight the key developments here.

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