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Article on ‘Famine on Collateral Damage of War’ by Margherita Stevoli

3 February 2020

GRC is pleased at the publication of an article titled ‘Famine on Collateral Damage of War’ in the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (2020) by the brilliant Margherita Stevoli, former legal consultant on the GRC Starvation Team.

The article assesses

the interplay between the proportionality rule and the prohibition of starvation, detailing how proportionality assessments undertaken by warring parties prior to launching attacks must take into consideration the food security situation of the affected civilian population, and the possibility of causing starvation.


and concludes that

the inclusion of indirect effects, such as those appearing in the longer-term as a result of certain military campaigns, in combination with an analysis of the IPC classification, would make parties aware of the impact of their operations on the food insecurity levels among civilians, and the likelihood of causing the starvation of the population.


Read the full article here

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