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Catriona Murdoch invited to speak at Action Against Hunger’s International Meeting in Valencia

GRC's Catriona Murdoch will speak at Action Against Hunger’s International Meeting in Valencia in June 2019

Catriona will deliver a presentation to approximately 300 of Action Against Hunger’s senior staff including the country directors from all 48 countries. The focus will be on NGOs operating in conflict affected contexts and how they can do to better share evidence of international humanitarian law and international human rights law violations related to conflict and hunger. This will include discussion on how to mitigate operational risk when collecting, preserving and sharing data.

Catriona leads GRC’s project entitled “Accounting for Mass Starvation: Testing the Limits of the Law” supported by The Kingdom of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The principal objective of the Project is to promote understanding and implementation of the landmark UN Security Council Resolution S/RES/2417 (‘UNSC 2417’) which highlights that “starvation of civilians as a method of warfare may constitute a war crime”.

Catriona spoke recently with ACF’s Nigerian Country Director Shashwat Saraf during the UNSC Protection of Civilian Week events at the UN HQ in New York. GRC and ACF have collaborated on several events, panels and outputs relating to conflict and hunger since 2018.

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