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Catriona Murdoch invited to the Save the Children and Action Against Hunger Workshop in London 24 April 2019

24 April 2019

GRC’s Senior Legal Consultant and Project Lead Catriona Murdoch will participate in the “Conflict and Hunger Workshop: Ensuring UN Security Council Resolution 2417 helps end starvation crimes.” The event, organised by Save the Children UK and Action Against Hunger UK will take place in London on 24th April.


The all-day workshop will bring together around 20 participants from governments, UN agencies, INGOs, and international legal and academic experts. The Panel will share knowledge, ideas and develop practical solutions for UN agencies, member states and NGOs regarding conflict and hunger. The workshop aims at agreeing on a collective advocacy and actions in response to UNSC resolution 2417 and contribute to global thinking on conflict and hunger and deliver an output report which will be disseminated at Protection of Civilians events at the UN Security Council in late May.


Catriona will provide a detailed analysis of the tools for operationalising UNSC Res 2417 in order to ensure that this Resolution will continue to have a long lasting impact for those affected by the deliberate use of starvation as a method of warfare.

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