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14 May 2020

After months of hard work and diligent translation by the committed team composed of Khalil Aburezeq and Lawyer Laila Alodaat, GRC is pleased to announce the launch of the unique ‘Starvation Training Manual – An International Framework Guide to the Law of Starvation‘ translated in full in Arabic.


The Starvation Training Manual is a unique toolkit designed for a wide audience including: professional investigators, human rights defenders, journalists, civil society organisations, academics, the military police officers, and humanitarian actors, interested in being able to identify and monitor the deliberate use of starvation, strengthen protection strategies and insulate their operations, reporting and responses.


On 6 February 2020, GRC hosted the first of a series of workshops on the newly published Starvation Training Manual in Beirut, Lebanon. The workshop aimed at convening those stakeholders that GRC have engaged with, and holding a multi-disciplinary dialogue on how to prohibit, prevent and render mass starvation accountable. The workshop brought together delegates from the UN Group of Eminent Experts (GEE) Yemen, OHCHR Syria, Mwatana, Open Society Foundation (OSF), The UN Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan, Geneva Call, award winning Jane Ferguson, and other journalists with expertise on Syria, South Sudan and Yemen amongst other food insecurity and conflict situations.


Trainings and workshops will resume shortly and will be delivered remotely in the interim due to COVID-19. GRC has worked extensively with a number of Arabic speaking Civil Society and UN Organisations in Yemen and Syria, including Mwatana for Human Rights, the Syrian Legal Development Programme, and Damaan Humanitarian Organization, and the GEE Yemen. The arrival of this unique Starvation Training Manual, in Arabic, will enable a deeper dissemination of best practice in identifying, monitoring and preventing deliberate starvation.


For individuals and organisations interested in the Manual or in participating in our workshops and training programmes, contact


The Starvation Training Manual is part of the ‘Accountability for Mass Starvation – Testing the limits of the Law’, a joint project by the GRC and the World Peace Foundation. The Starvation Training Manual is produced by GRC.


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Translation Team


Khalil Abdullah Aburezeq, translator, has been working for UNRWA’s Legal Office as a translator for more than 5 years. He has a Master Degree in Curricula and English Language Teaching. Lawyer Laila Alodaat, revised the Arabic version and ensured legal accuracy across the whole Manual.

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