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GRC privileged to have contributed to the ISSAT’s new thematic practice on states of emergency

27 May 2020

GRC are privileged to have contributed to the DCAF’s International Security Sector Advisory Team’s (ISSAT) new thematic practice on states of emergency in practice, providing security sector reform (SSR) relevant solutions. (see here)


Emergency measures have been declared in over 106 countries around the world in response to COVID-19 crisis. Amidst rising concerns about the longer term impact of such measures on constitutional democracies, rule of law and security sector governance and reform, ISSAT’s new Thematic in Practice page enables its Members and the wider SSG/R donor community  to better understand this new development under international law, providing a list of actions, donors can undertake “now” to maintain a relevant agenda for SSG/R.


GRC were also delighted to have the GRCs 6 Cs for SOEs checklist included by ISSAT which provides guidance on assessment of the validity of the government’s actions taken under SoEs in response to COVID-19, based on international standards.


GRC have been actively working on the legal impact of COVID-19 and have published a two-part blog series on Just Security on the effect of COVID-19 on humanitarian access in starvation-affected countries and on refugees and internally displaced persons, focussing on Syria and the Rohingya Refugees in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh. They can be accessed here and here. Separately, GRC are also analysing the IHL obligations of Occupying powers during COVID-19 pandemic, focussing on Russian Occupation in another two-part blog on Just Security . Part 1 of the blog discusses Russia’s obligations and compliance in protection of civilians from the effects of the virus. Part 2 (forthcoming) will consider to what extent Ukraine, as the displaced sovereign, retains residual obligations under international law to provide further protection.

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