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GRC’s blog series on the impact of coronavirus on humanitarian access in starvation-affected countries on Just Security. Part I on Yemen published

26 March 2020

As the world is grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, the plight of those most vulnerable in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) has largely gone unnoticed. For FCAS, who are also enduring conflict induced food-insecurity, particularly those dependent on humanitarian aid and with health systems already at the point of collapse, the combined impact of these measures and COVID-19 itself may be catastrophic.


GRC is currently preparing to launch its COVID-19 Response Project analysing and advising on the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law impact of the pandemic. The Project is kicked off with a blog series with Just Security on the impact of coronavirus on humanitarian access in starvation-affected countries.


Part I of the series authored by GRC’s Catriona Murdoch and Niriksha Sanghvi focuses on Yemen and the vital need to ensure international law is at the forefront of donors COVID-19 responses in current and future programming in fragile and conflict affected states. The blog can be accessed here.


The second part analysing the COVID-19 situation in relation to refugee camps and internally displaced people, with a focus on Syria and Cox’s Bazaar, will be published next week.

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