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Interview in Swiss Le Temps

7 December 2019

GRC’s Catriona Murdoch interviewed by leading Swiss newspaper on the historic Rome Statute amendment which passed unanimously yesterday, making starvation a war crime in a NIAC. Read the full interview here


Global Rights Compliance (GRC) have been engaged on the issue of starvation since 2017 and lead a series of projects with The Netherlands’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Welt Hunger Hilfe. GRC and the World Peace Foundation’s project “Accountability to Mass Starvation: Testing the limits of the law”, has actively supported the amendment. In particular, GRC have collaborated with the Swiss throughout 2019, and the Amendment has underpinned all of GRC’s starvation outputs, such as: high-level panel events, including co-sponsoring with the Swiss the only side event during ASP 18 which focussed on the starvation amendment; policy papers, advocacy interviews, and analysis.


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