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GRC’s Catriona Murdoch to engage in a discussion on the international obligations related to water as part of the conference “Legal (Un)Certainty of Occupation: Crimea and Donbas” organised by GRC

9 June 2021

On 9 – 11 June 2021, Global Rights Compliance (GRC) will host an international legal conference. The conference “Legal (Un)Certainty of Occupation: Crimea and Donbas” will bring together leading scholars and practitioners of international human rights and humanitarian laws to obtain considered, expert legal commentary of relevance to the situations in Crimea and Donbas. It is expected to deepen the understanding of the complex issues of international law, in particular, the law of occupation, division of responsibilities between an occupying power and an ousted sovereign, and avenues for effective redress in the case of violations of law in this context.


Catriona Murdoch, GRC Partner and Starvation Project Lead, will participate in a panel discussion on 9 June on “Belligerents’ Obligations under IHL and IHRL in Practice”, spotlighting obligations relating to water under international humanitarian and human rights frameworks.


The pivotal role water plays in the Ukraine conflict, in terms of escalating tensions and the massive repercussions on public health, agriculture, and more broadly on the stability and economic development of the region, is relatively unknown. Lotta Sylwander, UNICEF Country Representative for Ukraine, has stated that water is at the centre of the conflict in Ukraine. UNICEF’s latest report, published in May 2021 and entitled ‘Water Under Fire’, notes that there have been 380 recorded attacks on water in Ukraine since 2017, with conflict-related incidents affecting water infrastructure every 4 days on average.


To participate to this incredibly timely discussion, see the full program of the conference here and register here.

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