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GRC’s Wayne Jordash to engage in a discussion on Starvation as a Weapon of Warfare at a conference hosted by the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin and Action Against Hunger Germany

Date: 05 October 2020
Location: Online

States have long refuted the various links between hunger and armed conflicts; often reducing famine to the development field or as an unavoidable collateral damage of war. In 2018, the UN Security Council finally recognised ‘the need to break the vicious cycle between armed conflict and food insecurity’. What measures should then be taken in the development, humanitarian, and peace sectors to ensure that hunger does not lead to conflicts, that conflicts do not result in famine and that famine does not lead to further escalations? Does international humanitarian law provide a clear framework to address hunger in armed conflict? Is starvation as a means of warfare unequivocally a war crime?


Tune in on Monday as GRC’s Wayne Jordash QC engages in a discussion of ‘Hunger and Conflict – Starvation as a Weapon of Warfare’, during the opening panel of the conference: “10 Years to Reach the Sustainable Development Goals”, hosted by the Human Rights Film Festival Berlin and initiated by Action Against Hunger Germany in cooperation with Save the Children and the Norwegian Refugee Council.


For complete information on the conference program and how to attend, please see here.


With only 10 years remaining, see how GRC is supporting the effort to realise Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger at

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