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High-Level Side Event to the United Nations Human Rights Council 39th Session “Mass Starvation: Analysis and Accountability for the International Crime Of Starvation”

Date: 12 September 2018
Location: Room XXVII, Palais des Nations, Avenue de la Paix 8–14, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland

An expert panel is to discuss the important distinction between famines and the international criminal law (ICL) crime of using starvation as a method of warfare, as well as the nexus between conflict-induced hunger and the same crime. Panellists will also discuss the ICL crime of starvation, analysing the elements of the offence, the gaps and constraints in the existing law, whether the current legal framework is sufficient to prosecute individuals for international crimes of starvation and other challenges to accountability. Furthermore, an overview of the type of information needed to mount a successful investigation and prosecution, or alternative accountability measures with regards to the crime of starvation, will be discussed, with the objective to foster a better understanding of challenges to investigations and to promote compliance with ICL and international humanitarian law. 

The event was recorded and can be accessed here.

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