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Mwatana and PHR highlight attacks on medical facilities and health personnel in Yemen in their new research report

18 March 2020

In their latest research report, Mwatana for Human Rights and Physicians for Human Rights examine attacks on medical facilities and personnel by parties to the Yemen conflict that took place between March 2015 and December 2018. GRC is proud to partner with Mwatana in 2020.


The report notes:

The warring parties have damaged or destroyed health facilities through airstrikes and shelling, depriving Yemeni civilians of desperately-needed medical services. Parties to the conflict have also occupied medical facilities, commandeered the provision of medical facility services to exclude large swathes of the population, and assaulted medical professionals, among other abuses.


Read the full report here.

Attacks on medical facilities and humanitarian workers are prohibited under international humanitarian law and can lead to deprivation of OIS amounting to war crime of starvation under Art 8 of the Rome Statute. For a detailed analysis of these issues and GRC’s work on Yemen see


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