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Mwatana for Human Rights appeal for credible accountability and redress for Yemen

30 September 2020

Yesterday, GRC partner, Mwatana for Human Rights, appealed to the UN Human Rights Council to heed calls by international civil society “to pave the way towards credible accountability and redress for Yemen, including by renewing and strengthening the mandate of the UN Group of Eminent Experts (GEE)”. The independent Yemeni human rights organisation noted that the “overwhelming cloud of impunity surrounding the Yemen conflict endangers civilians, normalises war crimes and ultimately facilitates warring party abuse”. Mwatana has documented atrocities committed by warring parties in Yemen, including the killing and wounding of civilians, attack and occupation of schools and health facilities, and humanitarian obstruction, among others, and has detailed some of its findings in the statement. GRC is proud to partner with Mwatana on an investigation and upcoming report on the deliberate use of starvation in Yemen.


Read the full statement here.

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