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Starvation End of Phase 1 Symposium

GRC and the World Peace Foundation are hosting their end of starvation project symposium between 26-28 September 2019 at the Tuft’s European Centre in Talloires France

Phase I of the Accountability for Mass Starvation: Testing the Limits of the Law will come to a close in November 2019. In order to reflect on the successes of Phase I and outline the remaining needs going forward, GRC and the WPF have convened a formidable group of experts to discuss how to increase the moral toxicity around acts that create mass starvation.

The group of experts range from those that the starvation team have engaged with over the last year, some who have been instrumental in galvanising the conflict and hunger agenda, to others who drafted the policy papers included in the Expert Report on The Crime of Starvation, amidst representatives from Switzerland who will discuss their proposal to amend the Rome Statute to include starvation as a war crime in a non-international armed conflict. We are privileged to be joined by the Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have generously supported the project. 

We hope that hearing from the range of UN investigative bodies and commissions of inquiry will engender rich recommendations for increasing accountability and enhancing the protection of civilians in conflict. We will be sharing posts and tweets over the three days, keep checking here for updates.

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