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Update of the Starvation Jurisprudence Digest

October 2019.
GRC’s unique starvation digest has been updated! The updated digest now includes commentary on how starvation crimes and violations relating to the use of objects indispensable to survival in conflict and civil disturbance feature in the: 
ICC’s Ntaganda Trial Judgment (2019); 
UN MICT’s Karadžić Appeal Judgment (2019); 
UN OHCHR Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen 2019 report; 
UN Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar’s 2019 report; 
UN HRC Resolution on Venezuela (2019); and
Supreme Court of Israel, Physicians for Human Rights et al. v Commander of the IDF Forces in the Gaza Strip (2004). 
This digest is essential for practitioners seeking jurisprudence on how courts and accountability bodies have investigated and prosecuted starvation.
The updated digest can be accessed here.
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