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What do we see of Famine?

February 2019

Global Right’s Compliance’s partner organisation, The World Peace Foundation, has commissioned four political cartoons that offer new ways of imagining famine and starvation.

The Accountability for Mass Starvation Project, run by Global Rights Compliance and The World Peace Foundation, along with the extensive work of Alex de Waal, attempts to shift the narrative of mass starvation, placing it within the rubric of atrocity crimes and individual criminal responsibility. These cartoons attempt to capture both the victims and the perpetrators that:

“famine results when those who blockade ports, bomb agricultural sites, or force people in fragile environments to flee their livelihoods, heed to policies over months or even years, regardless of the impact on entire civilian populations.”

The cartoons aim at answering this difficult question: “Is it possible to create a new image of famine that does not solely point towards the all-too-real suffering of victims, but also towards the political and military processes that create conditions in which entire populations are at risk of dying?” (The World Peace Foundation).

The cartoons were created as part of a collaborative project between The World Peace Foundation with the Cartoon Movement. This gallery presents the four images that the World Peace Foundation thought best captured the idea of famine crimes. The cartoons are by Osama Hajjaj, Camdelafu and Moshen Zarifian.

To see the World Peace Foundation’s full post on their website click here.

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