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What’s next – Conflict, Chaos and Hunger: Yemen – The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

4 November 2021

Thank you for attending the screening of Hunger Ward or in case you missed the event or would like to share it with someone, you can find the full recording here


This intimate, unflinching portrait of the suffering and resilience of the Yemeni people was confronting to say the least. If you, like us at GRC, have reflected since Thursday on what to do next, we hope this email could point you to some options.


DONATE – If you would like to directly support the two clinics in the movie, you can donate at You can also donate through the UN Crisis Relief to help the UN and humanitarian partners to rapidly provide food, shelter and health services to the Yemeni people.


UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT – If you would like to read more about the conflict, the executive summary of Starvation Makers we distributed at the event might be a good start. For a comprehensive report of the incidents, the perpetrators and the patterns of such conduct, read Starvation Makers here  co-authored by Mwatana and the GRC. You can find the UN’s further analysis of food insecurity in Yemen here. You can also follow OCHA’s work on Yemen here.


UNDERSTAND THE LAW – Starvation as a means of warfare is not a new phenomenon but its modern use is seen across nearly all conflicts currently hitting our headlines. We do have the legal means to punish and deter this violation. To understand the law around starvation, read GRC’s work here and in detail in the Journal of International Criminal Justice which has a special issue on starvation in International law which GRC contributed to. You can also see the ICRC commentary and the related practices. If you are a practitioner, GRC provides starvation-oriented training from monitoring and identifying to understanding the legal framework. We have trained a range of practitioners from humanitarian actors, journalists and investigators on starvation and humanitarian access violations.


STAY ENGAGED – To follow the development of affairs in Yemen, follow us at FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn, or the social media accounts of other agencies (MwatanaUN OCHAWorld Food ProgrammeFood and Agriculture Organisation). Share and repost, using #YemenStarvation. For more of Skye’s work see Spin Film. If you have any thoughts or comments, we would also love to hear them.


DISCUSS – If your institution would like to discuss further or organise an event about starvation, GRC would be happy to help. Please contact us at


We don’t claim any of these to be the silver bullet to an extremely complicated issue. However, as Skye reminded us, each of us has a hammer which we can use to effect some change, even if only small.


Thank you to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their generous support.


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