Complaint to UN Mechanism

What Complaint to UN Mechanism is about

One of the key outputs of The Project is the submission of a complaint to a relevant UN Mechanism on starvation.

This output involves the production of a claim and/or claims on behalf of victims of starvation from one of the countries in the Expert Report; a report to the relevant bodies on any relevant findings pertaining to starvation; an urgent appeal or allegation letter; and an advocacy strategy to disseminate relevant legal information to relevant stakeholders, including states and affected communities.

This activity seeks to set an example of how accountability pursuant to UNSC 2417 may be used to call on warring parties to comply with International Law. Background research is currently ongoing in order to determine which complaint mechanism is most suitable. GRC and the WPF are assisted by the International Law Practice Lab of the Vanderbilt Law School, Directed by Prof. Michael A. Newton