Starvation Jurisprudence Digest

A unique tool analysing the findings of Commissions of Inquiry, International Courts, Panels of Experts and Fact-finding missions. It provides relevant excerpts on situations of deprivation of food, blocking of humanitarian aid, attacks against objects indispensable for the survival of the population or the imposition of blockades or sieges. The Digest also focuses on violations of the right to food and water, as well as other violations of economic, social and cultural rights linked to famines, such as the right to health and shelter.

The Digest will be updated regularly and can be accessed here.

United Nations Charter and UN Resolutions

The UN Charter

Resolutions by Country

A unique database of relevant UN Resolutions which feature starvation related issues in five current conflict zones. This is aimed at gathering relevant statements from the UNSC allowing users to compare resolutions adopted in different contexts and see the evolution in the approach taken by the UNSC in the context of man-made starvation.