The Starvation Training Manual

Global Rights Compliance has drafted ‘The Starvation Training Manual – An International Framework Guide to the Law of Starvation which is a unique toolkit designed for a wide audience including: professional investigators, human rights defenders, journalists, civil society organisations, academics, the military police officers, and humanitarian actors, interested in being able to identify the deliberate use of starvation, strengthen protection strategies and insulate their operations, reporting and responses.





  • Framework Guide: An accessible overview of the prohibition of starvation under international law; an introduction to the critical elements of the crime of starvation under the Rome Statute, and 25 other associated Rome Statute crimes.
  • Basic Investigative Standards Protocols: Tailored for the range of practitioners, this section identifies the minimum standards (collection, documentation and preservation of evidence) that should be adhered to when investigating starvation related offences and to capacity build on best practice. It also features a unique guide on investigations with vulnerable victims and witnesses of starvation prepared in consultation with leading food-security and documenting experts, offering investigative techniques and template interview questionnaires.
  • Remedies and Standard Operating Procedure: An overview of the range of mechanisms to bring a claim, submission, case or complaint for a starvation related crime or violation. Also featuring a section on the obligations (and avenues for engagement) arising out of the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC) Resolution S/RES/2417. This landmark resolution underscored that the deliberate use of starvation as a method of warfare is a war-crime, highlighting for the first time the nexus between conflict and hunger.



The Manual is available in hard-copy for trainees with sections available as an on-line resource here. The Manual is being developed into a portable device application for mobile phone and tablet use in the field. The Starvation App would mirror GRC’s main Basic Investigative Standards (BIS) App. The BIS App is an international humanitarian law (IHL) innovation and the first free mobile phone app designed to ensure immediate access to essential IHL and international criminal law (ICL) expertise. The App is available for free download at Apple and Android stores. For more information visit


These Starvation Training Manuals will be disseminated across a series of workshops in 2020. For individuals and organisations interested in the Manual or in participating in our workshops and training programmes, contact


The Starvation Training Manual is part of the ‘Accountability for Mass Starvation – Testing the limits of the Law’, a joint project by the GRC and World Peace Foundation. The Starvation Training Manual is produced by GRC.